Is your computer freezing because it is actually freezing?

Is your mouse the culprit?

We are always busy. Normally doing a million things at once, these are the days when we can easily develop dopey brain. You know, that moment when you slap your hand against your forehead and repeat the well-known phrase made famous by the one and only Homer Simpson “DOH!” Believe it or not, sometimes it’s not your computer’s fault. It could be the mouse, faulty wire, dodgy clicker, the sensor underneath or even something as simple as you have to change the batteries. So, before you start thinking about throwing your computer across the room give the other tools a little health check first and see if they are the ones misbehaving. Sometimes it’s that simple.

We know it’s cold but they can still overheat

Did you know overheating can actually make your computer freeze? This is an environmental issue, manufacturers will always mention in their instructions what the perfect operating conditions are, and if you are working in an area that contradicts that then your computer could be in for it. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is super sensitive and integral to the functionality of the computer.

If you hear a certain noise that sounds like a little helicopter about to take off then that is your computer trying to combat the temperature. Did you have a little battery-operated fan when you were a child on your family holidays to cool you down… yeh, it’s the same thing. To make sure your computer doesn’t freeze or worse burst into flames be sure to clean its vents. Maybe change the temperature in the room? Try and create perfect living conditions for your machine and it will repay you in not making your life a misery. Look for programs to monitor the temperature of your computer, these would help you identify the overheating when it presents itself.



Is your PC corrupt?

If your hardware fails your computer will freeze. Drivers are pieces of software, think of them as that one person in your group that loves to connect everyone together after a couple of beers, making friends all over the place. Drivers allow hardware and operating systems to communicate to other pieces of hardware or operating systems. This means it is always running. If you make sure your driver is healthy and strong your computer will be connecting to other devices as effectively as possible. If you don’t it will stop. Make sure that you update regularly and ensure your drivers are always running on its latest version. If you stop giving your mate the beers they will become lethargic and want to go home to sleep. Are you going to wait for your computer to wake up?

Errors in your software

This is probably the number one cause for computers freezing. Some pieces of software might ask your computer a question and it simply doesn’t know the answer. Instead of your computer saying “Nah, I don’t know” it will think it knows everything and sit there mulling over the answer and while it is thinking you sit screaming at your computer to pull it’s finger out so you can make your deadline. Two things to help deal with this are:

Update all third-party software
Test your RAM, and also make sure that you have a minimum of 10% of your disk space left free


If you read our previous article “Don’t let your computer catch a cold this winter” viruses can cause freezing. When your computer freezes it may be a sign you have a virus. Run a virus check to be sure and note these symptoms below:

1. Inaccessible Disk Drives
2. No Response
3. Slow Performance
4. Slow Startup
5. Crashing (Hanging/Freezing)
6. Missing Files
7. Extra Files
8. Printer Issues
9. Unusual Error Messages
10. Increasing number Popups


Can it be fixed?

If you have a large business, you’d be best to get the techs in to perform a diagnosis of your computer network. If you need any assistance making sure you have a well-run IT framework and a workforce that is running at maximum productivity we would be more than happy to help. Talk to either or and we will make sure your technology lives a long and healthy life. You’ll be glad you did.