Has your tech reached its expiry date?


Did you know there are “use by” dates for your technology?

That's right. Technology actually expires.

All hardware and software are designed and built using current tools, knowledge and technology. Developers are constantly finding ways to improve things – making systems faster, smarter and sometimes cheaper – all of this technology eventually becomes out-of-date and obsolete.

Does it really matter if you’re using expired technology?

Absolutely. If you’re using out-of-date technology, then chances are you’re not being productive.

If you haven’t updated the software you’re using you’ll find that the programs you’re running don’t integrate as well as they could. And when things break, problems and costs escalate and your business is hit with significant downtime.

Simple things can help. The best example is to make sure your Microsoft updates are run at least monthly. This will help protect you against viruses and malware.

Do you need to update everything all the time?

This is the ideal solution, but we recognise that clients have different needs and schedules. Get in
touch with us and we will work with you to get the best result for your budget.

We can look at options for regular maintenance appointments where we can do system checks to see how well your hardware and software are performing based on their age.

What can you do about expiring technology?

Like most things in life, prevention is the best form of action. Don’t wait until out-of-date systems break before you replace them. The chances of losing data are too great, as are the risks of unexpected downtime while you frantically try to get back up and running after a crash.

We’re not interested in making you spend more than you need to just to have the latest IT toys. We’ll look at your business overall and see where the best impacts can be made with the IT budget you have.

We have packages to suit all budgets so don’t wait until it’s too late.

Book in for your free Tech Health Check by calling us on 09 588 4065 or emailing john@prop-it.nz