Charge ahead of your competitors with the right technology

At Prop.IT we’re all about helping you get ahead in business, without having to worry about whether your computers are going to get hacked or your servers are going to crash. That’s our job; it’s what we get excited about and it’s what we’re good at.

So we’ve introduced the Tech Health Check from Prop.IT, your non-geek IT specialists. Over the next three months, we’ll be drip feeding you practical tips, advice and support that will help boost productivity, reduce downtime, and remove unnecessary costs in your business.


What’s coming up

Throughout the Tech Health Check series you will learn about:

  • Performance and productivity – how to drive like a Ferrari owner with the budget of a Toyota
  • Making the right technology choices – what you really need when it comes to machines, monitors, printers and software
  • Using IT to grow your business – costly mistakes to avoid and the easy shortcuts to use that can have a huge impact on productivity


Who is it for?

The Prop.IT Tech Health Check is perfect for your business if you:

  • Use 5 or more computers (excluding Apple products)
  • Want to have the right technology to outperform your competition
  • Want to grow your business with the most cost-effective and seamless technology to support your success
  • Are interested in learning more, completely free of charge
  • Want to charge ahead and leave your competitors in your dust


If this is you, then let’s talk.

Because we’re non-geeks, and we actually love meeting people face-to-face, we’ll come out and see you at your office. We’ll review the technology you’re using and discuss the best solutions that will future-proof your business.

Think of us as the props in your business – we protect you, prop you up and clear the way ahead so you can move forward – screaming past your competition.



Book your free Tech Health Check by calling us on 09 588 4065 or emailing