Autotask Workplace Review

Powerful enterprise file sync and share provider for businesses of any size, looking for increased mobility and better security than consumer-grade file sync and share solutions can offer.

Autotask Workplace Review Overview

When a business has grown to a certain size and the first employees start trickling in, a traditional consumer-grade file sync and share solution simply doesn’t cut the muster anymore. While Dropbox is the perfect fit for freelancers or small agencies looking to quickly share files and folders with clients, it doesn’t meet the requirements of many small to medium-sized businesses, which have five people and more under their wing.

A growing business needs to make sure its most sensitive and confidential files remain in total control of the company. With consumer-grade file sharing tools it is – most of the time – an all-or-nothing approach: once a folder is shared, the person who it’s shared with has total control over the content.

Who is Autotask Workplace for?

Autotask Workplace is a file syncing and sharing (or business cloud storage) solution that provides enterprise-ready security and collaboration enablement.

Strong Security

In today’s world, security is more important than ever before, because of hackers, theft and data loss.

1. On-the-road access to files and documents If you’re on the road to meet clients or attend a meeting, make sure all the necessary files are at your fingertips.

2. Share files securely with external users sending contracts, presentation or spreadsheets to clients and coworkers is common practice these days. The traditional way of sending emails is just risky and cumbersome.

3. Out-of-network document access Accessing documents, even if you’re not inside the company’s network, can be difficult at times.

4. Not Relying on VPN or FTP for remote access VPN and FTP aren’t very user friendly and may be unreliable, especially when dealing with large files.

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