7 ways to maintain your hardware and stay on top of your game

Here are the top 7 things you should do to maintain a strong and stable computer over the winter.


1. Back up your data

BACK UP YOUR DATA! If you are leaving it on your machine it’s just there taking up all kinds of room, not to mention not safe if your pc crashes or you pick up a virus. When was the last time that you backed up your data? Not thought about it… actually did it.
Stick it on an external hard drive or better still talk to us and we will get you set up on the Cloud and all of your data will be protected and secured offsite for you to access whenever you like.

2. Clean dust from your computer

Computers are the number one device for collecting dust. Ok, this statement might not be true but they are up there with some of the biggest dust collectors on the planet. Dust doesn’t just make your computer look like it’s been left on a shelf for a decade but it is a major factor in computers overheating. Be nice. Clean your computers. It’s the right thing to do.

3. Clean up your cables

We can’t claim that tidying up leads is going to take your computer’s performance into hyperdrive but we can say that it will prevent you tripping over and physically breaking your computer or yourself and it will help your computer ports last longer. It’s important to give your technology a
good clean from time to time. Healthy technology is well-functioning technology.

4. Run antivirus

This goes without saying. We’ve mentioned this in our last two articles… check your computer for viruses. Any computer that is connected to the internet needs some kind of antivirus software.

5. Update

Check for updates on your hardware and software. The businesses behind your hardware and software are always trying to improve security through their updates. It is important to stay on top of this. Make it a habit, maybe once a month just run a check for updates. Your computer will thank you for it.

6. Check Disk

Once your hard drive has been cleaned up, it's a good time to run the defrag tool. This organises your files, leading to faster disk access times and improved system performance.

7. Clean up your software

Every few months, look through the ' Add or Remove Programs' interface that is found in the control panel. If there's software on there that you are 100% sure you don't use any more, uninstall it. It’s just there taking up room and making your machine slower.


If your business is in need of technology maintenance and you are looking for top techs to be on call for you talk to either Jasmine@prop-it.nz or John@prop-it.nz to tee up a meeting and we will make sure your technology lives a long and healthy life.