5 ways to prolong your printers life

Just when you thought printers were finally on their way out, think again! We are most definitely
experiencing a global shift to digital communications but that doesn’t mean hard copies are not
being produced. Office reports, legal documents, resumes they are all printed out at some point.
Make no mistake; printers are here to stay.

But how exactly do you take care of the one you own? How can you live a life with no erratic flashing lights, paper jams or ink issues? How can to avoid having a corner of your office dedicated to a graveyard for printers?



1. High-quality products

Think about what you put in your body if you fill it with cheap junk food you will not perform as well
as you can. It’s the same with your printer. Make sure you feed your printing pal with all the right
nutrients, top quality inks and toners, decent paper, well-recognised print cartridges and of course,
great maintenance services.

2. Keep your printer free from dust

A little bit of spring cleaning goes a long, long way. Make it a habit of this because printers, like
computers, are glorified dust munchers. Maybe once every couple of weeks get the duster out and
give your printer a once over, maybe while you are at it, treat your computer too.

3. Don’t overwork your printer

Your printer can’t tell you it’s being overworked, it can’t write a strongly worded letter – although it
could print it – and it can’t walk out the door. So make sure you know how far your printer can go
before it starts underperforming.

Before buying your printer, check its monthly duty cycle or the number of pages it is capable of
printing in a single month. If these numbers meet your requirements, awesome! But if not, don’t
buy it for the sake of buying it. Guaranteed that you will be replacing it a lot sooner than you think.

4. Use your printer regularly

Ok, so we said don’t overwork your printer, but on the flip side of the scale, you can’t leave it
collecting dust in the corner. If you don’t use your printer on a regular basis then there are a few
things that could happen, the main thing is the ink dries out, the last time we checked dry ink
doesn’t really print well. Another thing to avoid is smudges and leaks, this goes back to our first
point, high-quality products.

5. Keep your printer away from direct sunlight and humidity

Place your printer in a good, healthy environment and it will perform perfectly for you. Your printer
loves a dry, clean environment out of the harmful rays of direct sunlight which can mess with the
plastic parts of your printer and make the thing overheat.

Humidity is also not a friend of the printers it can cause the paper to stick together, which in turn
increases the likeliness of paper jams. It’s not just the paper that will get affected the moisture can
cause the metal and electronic parts of your printer to corrode. Now, we know nobody wants that!



If you have printers in your business and want to make sure they are looked after and performing
as well as they can we can get one of our technicians out to give you the rundown.

Talk to either Jasmine@prop-it.nz or John@prop-it.nz to tee up a meeting and we will make sure
your printers are humming just like your business.