Meet our super Senior Tech

Hi, I’m Toru, a Senior Tech at Prop.IT

I’m all about fixing people's problems – computer problems that is. It’s the simple things in life that make me happy.

Prop.IT is a cool place to work. We have a great collection of clients and I’m at the forefront of helping them solve problems in order to keep their businesses running smoothly. I like a challenge – any excuse to bring my A game to the table. A massive enjoyment for me is thinking of future problems that could happen and finding ways to prevent them now so our clients aren’t stuck months or years down the line.

We have an awesome team here, great techs and management that keep everything on track. Solving problems is awesome, but solving them with your team is that little bit more satisfying. We provide a quality service to our clients and it’s great knowing that I’m part of their success.

As a Senior Technician here at Prop.IT I have a lot of responsibility within the business and this has definitely made me stronger in my profession. I can use and share my knowledge around how technology benefits businesses as well as get my hands dirty when building or fixing their hardware problems. That’s actually one of my favourite parts of the job, I love geeking out and fixing tech stuff. I take personal satisfaction knowing that our clients can stay on top of their technology game with us.

What I do at Prop.IT is protect and serve our clients technology, but the specifics are in a nice neat list below:

  • Install/setup and maintain HPE (HP Enterprise) Servers
  • Install/setup and maintain workstations
  • Install and configure high-end routers
  • Set up networks
  • Troubleshoot all IT problems, both hardware and software related
  • Provide solutions so problems don’t reoccur 

If you are out to get your business’ technology performing the best it can. Call us on 09 588 4065 and we will be more than happy to help.