It all began in Auckland way back when we sounded like a computer shop.

Back in the good old days, Computerware Plus was a young IT business with a small team, along with 60 clients on the books. We were a simple break-fix kind of set-up, so basically if you had a problem you’d call us and we would come out and get you back on track. We’ve always believed in prevention over cure but at the time the market was small and IT support was not as diverse as what it is today. As time and technology have changed so have we and so has your business.

Businesses now are more connected and accessible than ever, so IT support became support, security of data, backups, upgrades, and connecting teams and businesses. As our industry evolved so did our business and now boasting over 100 clients – that we service far beyond support – we have become a forward-thinking, ever-evolving IT business that provides client-focused solutions to grow and protect your business. And now, we are Prop.IT, nice to meet you.

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That's the easy bit. We are an awesome team of techs, out to protect the future of your business

Well, hello

I’m Carl, a Senior Tech

In a nutshell, I’m a part-time gym junkie, with a love for IT. Outside of IT, I’m known as the Carlos the Jackal but you will have to play me in a game of darts to find out why.

Well, hello

I’m Saia, a Senior Tech

and I am a natural born problem solver. IT is that ever evolving organism which I wanted to be part of.


Our solutions are tailor-made for our clients businesses

We are a strong, Kiwi-born business believing in providing honest, dependable, client-focused IT solutions with no nonsense. Too many IT businesses tell you “there’s no geek speak with us” pull the other one, there are acronyms and tech terms flying all over the place. We’re really removing geek speak from IT.

We are all about giving clients the best possible technology solutions, and thanks to our existing clients we have been able to listen and understand their needs and create the best packages available. Whatever shape or size your business is, we have the right package for you. 

We support, monitor, switch, store, connect and protect your businesses number one asset. Your data.

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Geek Bible

Get your hands on Prop.IT's very own Geek Bible

Never miss a trick with your very own Geek Bible. For us to truly live up to the NO geek speak we had to put our money where our mouth is.

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